SEDSATII worldmap

SEDSAT II is an educational satellite project involving student members from over 16 different nations and 5 continents.

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The project was started on the initiative of SEDS alumni who now have their work within the space industry, and who wished to contribute back to the organization, which had given them so many valuable experiences as students.

A picosatellite project was quickly identified as the option best suited for the follow up to the 1998 launch of the original SEDSat, a much larger satellite. This format presents students with big technical challenges in terms of miniaturization but also provides a hands on space engineering environment that can be achieved at very low cost, using commercially available components and technology.

Initiated in late 2006 the project is scheduled for final integration by mid 2010.The project is currently in the beginnings of the design phase, evaluating different approaches and technical implementations.

Our vision is not only to design and launch a picosatellite but also to provide the participant with a valuable learning experience, bringing together people from different continents and different backgrounds to achieve a common goal.

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